Video Games, VR, and AI for Healthcare Training

Experience healthcare training like never before with our video games, VR simulations, and advanced AI technology.

Explore gaming adventures and lifelike virtual scenarios designed to enhance your skills and knowledge in a dynamic learning environment.

Practice, repeat, and, most importantly… have fun while mastering essential healthcare techniques and procedures.

Join us to unlock the potential of immersive virtual training.



Cardiopulmonary bypass training

A platform for Cardiopulmonary Bypass training. Feel as if you were in a surgery room. Understand how to run the pump. Test your decisions. Learn protocols. Experience the importance of communication. Your only risk is a game over.

virCPB Operating room


Extracorporeal membrane oxygenation training

virECMO is an innovative, cutting-edge video game designed to simulate the complex process of ECMO  training for healthcare professionals. Users can experience the full ECMO process, from cannulation to decannulation, in a virtual environment that provides an immersive and realistic learning experience.

Arriving 2024!

The Atelier

Our Creativity Hub

  • Serious Games & Simulators: tailored video games, apps, and AI tools customized to meet your specific requirements and preferences.
  • Consulting Services: Our consultancy offers expert guidance for gamification projects, providing strategic insights and practical solutions.
  • Cultural Transformation: We lead organizations through cultural transformations by harnessing the motivational power of game mechanics, fostering innovation and growth.
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